Four Roles in Detail

Expanding on the summaries from the introduction page, here is a further breakdown of my accomplishments spanning four job roles.

10+ years as lead developer for a foreign bank in Private and Commercial Banking and for a credit card payment processor. Supported business users, developers, and vendors in
18 countries and 5 languages encompassing full suite of financial products (Credit Facilities, Derivatives, Private Equity, etc.) adhering to industry and government regulations.

Performed at American Credit Card Processing and Bank Hapoalim

10+ years employing Java APIs as a best-of-breed technology to:
Orchestrate real-time messaging between web application and z/OS mainframe
Replace archaic mainframe bank statements with graphic-laden PDF files
Stream PDF files and cancelled check front/back images to users' web browsers
Extract data from Microsoft Excel files and store in SQL Server
Process JSON content

Performed at International Masters Publishers and Bank Hapoalim

Lead technical role in new development projects:
Application Access Request SaaS web application
Books-for-Cooks eCommerce website
Customer Service website
Amex OnePoint batch reporting
Bank PDF statements in batch
Bank check images on web and in PDF statements
Money transfers automation
Paperless statements enrollment

Performed at American Credit Card Processing, International Masters Publishers, and Bank Hapoalim

Problem solver of open issues unresolved by existing staff or former consultants:
Signature pad import of autographs into banking web application
PDF file streaming from SQL Server to user's web browser
Hebrew translations propagating to SQL Server
Domino web application migration to Java EE / WebSphere platform

Performed at Bank Hapoalim

Articulated business requirements to a team of developers, tested their work, and provided mentoring. Established development environments to isolate emerging code from stable, live websites. Conducted IT studies, influenced product purchases.

Performed at International Masters Publishers and Bank Hapoalim

Alerted upper management of schedule impacts and renegotiated deliverables, communicating issues/concerns, as liaison between developers and product's core team.

Performed at IBM, International Masters Publishers, and Bank Hapoalim

Conducted classroom training to teach:
Business users to keep track of customers with our Contact Management system
Marketing dept to maintain eCommerce website's product catalog
IBM customers to web-enable their mainframe data
Programmers to code in Net.Data CGI

Performed at IBM, Infocrossing, International Masters Publishers, and Bank Hapoalim

Rooted out defects in departmental processes by conducting regular causal analyses to identify sources of problems and by instituting action plans to prevent recurrence. Through teamwork, drove defect inventory down from 200 to 12 in six months while also managing a 20 per week average incoming rate. Tracked errors and their resolution through problem management database.

Performed at IBM

On Day 1 of employment at Infocrossing, rescued $6,000,000 account with their client, International Masters Publishers, by reworking a failed Net.Data prototype in time for that firm's visit on Day 2. Post-Sales support: Converted prototype into turnkey solution for customer.
Saved $1,250,000 account with Tulane University by producing a working demo of Oracle running in 3-tiered architecture with mainframe, AIX application server, and Windows client.   Post-Sales support: Sat with Tulane's IT staff for one week, helping them install the software.
Generated customer leads at trade shows while performing live demonstrations of cutting edge IBM e-business technologies, leveraging mainframes, to 750 IT executives and software engineers over a 3-year period. Varied presentation from high level to extremely technical.
Trained 9 marketing reps to conduct e-business demos in 5 cities (local to them) of a 15 city roadshow, enabling IBM to have 100% coverage yet reducing travel expenditures by 33%.

“On Day 1...” was performed at Infocrossing, all others were at IBM

Designed and developed products from a varied line of numeric readouts, lighted indicators, and matrix boards to fit client specs for size, logic I/O options, and legend screening.
Fabricated, assembled, and tested new prototypes, supervised initial production runs, and offered design recommendations. Prepared final documentation packages (both Engineering and Manufacturing schematics detailing assembly techniques and customer drawings).
Designed printed circuit board layout for a new series of 5 1/2" digital numeric readouts.
Supervised plant employees: Generated weekly production schedules for workers, trained new employees, and conducted quantity/time studies to determine worker productivity. Inspected all units in process and prior to shipment according to industry standards for quality control.
Prepared complete set of building materials for incoming shop orders, which included maintaining inventory levels, contacting vendors and/or filing purchase request forms.

All of the above were performed at Info-Lite

Beauty is only skin deep and with software it is the user interface that catches the eye. I love developing an application's front-end utilizing any combination of the technologies below (heavy emphasis on JavaScript).

JavaScript jQuery JSON Ajax CSS3 HTML5 Bootstrap Swing @Formula

The front-end needs timely, relevant, and reliable data to deliver a rich user experience. I enjoy writing server-side code to fulfill this need.

Java EE Spring & Hibernate Python LotusScript SQL NOSQL JDBC Apache POI XML + XSLT + XSL-FO = PDF file MQSeries and HTTPS File Transfer Base64 Encoding/Decoding

The code must live somewhere. I have deployed applications on all of the platforms listed here.

SaaS WebSphere Domino SQL Server Tomcat Windows Linux UNIX Mainframe

When a text editor or filing system doesn't cut it, I rely on the tools below.

Eclipse Rational ClearCase WebSphere Administrator Console SQL Server Integration Services

Bachelor of Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Master of Science
Computer Science / Management