My Clients

I have played a lead technical role in new development projects and resolved open issues left faltering by existing staff at each of the firms listed below.

Unsolicited Testimonials

I have never requested feedback on my performance but on occasion people offer praise unsolicited.  Here are some examples.

“Ken has the highest output of any member of my [6 person] team. His name wasn't even on the list [of 36% of staff whose jobs were cut in 2008 due to the financial crisis].”

Greg Brook, Vice President of Information Technology at Bank Hapoalim

“Ken has been instrumental in getting us 'across the finish line' with our customer service and eCommerce websites. I really appreciate his very important contributions.”

Bob Barfoot, Vice President of Information Systems at International Masters Publishers

“Ken has done a great job of updating [the internal banking system] to supply the kind of information that will enable us to provide our users with faster service.”

Leon Blum, IT Officer of Help Desk Support at Bank Hapoalim